You cannot follow Jesus until you take up your cross - You cannot take up your cross until you have denied yourself. (Matthew 16:24 - Jesus The Christ)

"Go and make disciples" said Jesus, and in so doing, "teach them to observe all that I have commanded." 

Now the above statement is what is known in Theological terms as 'The Great Commission'.... Ah, but its 'great' - ness is certainly losing its lustre in the weathering storms of Post-modern ambiguity! What is also very important to note here, is that the Author and Perfector of Salvation didn't say... "Go into all the world and teach them to observe all you have learned!"

But, from my observation that seems to be the default position. Of course we cannot teach what we do not know, and consequently can only devolve what we have. Yet, this process, as understandable as it is, is not the commission that Jesus the Christ gave us. We are to embrace all and teach all.  'You first!' is the often cynical reply. Well, maybe we can 'feel' justified exempting ourselves from this great possibility because of the inability or unwillingness of others to try, but what we 'feel' isn't the issue is it? What we have to answer is, are we willing to yield to the best practices that the Master has prescribed - and remember not for our sake, but our world's sake! Remember, 'God soooo loved the world', not just you!

So what are we 'about'? In part we seek to assist those who don't merely want to 'negotiate'  but rather rise above the fog of post-modern relativism and the 'pop-theology' it concocts. We are about revisiting some of the imperative elements - the 'anchor points' of what it actually means to be and make a disciple of The Christ despite being in a postmodern and post-christian world.

The mission of making disciples is not just a philosophical one, regardless of culture. Though in part influenced by culture it isn't dictated to by the subjective musings of capricious humanity. Rather it both beckons and challenges us to embrace an allegiance to the One who called us and the claims He makes. It is not a passive or lacsidasical state - it is deliberate, intentional and requires a yeildedness that can only emerge from a genuine intimacy with the Holy Trinity!

Mother Teresa was once asked by some natives of India...  "Do you want to make us all Christians?"  To which she replied... "Naturally, I would like to give the treasure I have to you, but I cannot. I can only pray for you to have the courage to receive it.”

This response is much more than a mere tactful reply to an highly charged religio-political question, it is also nuanced with propositional truth. Mother Teresa understands that which she has is a treasure, in fact echoeing one of Jesus Parables of the man finding a treasure in a field and what that discovery produced in him (Matt 13:44). This iconic woman knew without a doubt exactly what she had, and that it was worth much more than all she had. Yet there is more! Unlike other treasures often hoarded by the finder, this treasure is matchless and abundant and paradoxically becomes richer with every sharing. Her unabashed willingness to share this is further evidence of her revelation of this 'Treasure'.

However, it is the final declaration that we see the significance of this radical offer and the word that emphasises its radical nature is 'courage'. Mother Teresa fully understood that to embrace this treasure requires a life-long yielding to the one who governs perfectly and a preparedness to lose all in the face of all and any social, material or political opposition.  It is this final remark that all would be 'treasure hunters' must reconcile in their lives. To yield to and follow Jesus takes great courage - yet a courage only His Spirit can give us. 'We have this treasure in earthern vessels, so it is clear that the transcendent power is not from us' (2 Corinthians 4:7) His treasure gives us the courage - the faith, courage and direction to follow, serve and proclaim that the way in Christ is still exclusive and it is still narrow.

As that short debrief also indicates, the Great Commission is not about 'performing' either, as is the assumption some so quickly leap to, but it is labour. Words like 'go, make, observe and command' all require activity. That activity is the fruit of love, a love that is defined by the Great Apostle of Love, John, as obedience! 1 John 5:3 says that..."the true love of God is this, that you obey all my commands and do so joyfully!"

This all has little to do with emotion and is most certainly not about 'me' first. It is however, always about The King of glory and others and as much as it is paramountly a relational process it is also a deliberate and reasoned one - this is what makes discipleship 'radical' in and age of sensate and intuition focused 'selfism'!

I'll end here with a quote from Christian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. 

“Christ understood that being a “disciple” was in innermost and deepest harmony with what He said about Himself. Christ claimed to be The Way, The Truth and The Life (Jn 14:6). For this reason, He would never be satisfied with adherents who accepted His teaching – especially with those who in their lives ignored it or let things take their usual course. His whole life on earth, from beginning to end, was destined solely to have followers and to make ‘admirers’ impossible.”         

Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard

Selah! Shane Wesley Varcoe

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‘Civilizing Hell’? - Kingdom Mission in Chaos Culture 


‘Civilizing Hell’?  - Kingdom Mission in Chaos Culture

From where I’m standing, there seems two emerging ‘bookends’ that are more prominently manifesting (eschatologically speaking) in the body of Christ in this season. These let’s call them missional stands are happening in this some-what unique time in world history – post-Chistian, and consequentially, post-truth Western-culture.

The two ends that I’m going to identify and language I will use are not unique to me, but have been in play over the last,…

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Temptation and the ‘Law’ of Grace?  

Enter – The Frame 

We open here just after a freshly unveiled Messiah is announced for the first time in the public square.

After approximately 30 years of living as ‘one of us’, Jesus the Christ is not only proclaimed to be among us, but the Son in the Triune God, and His purpose again proclaimed by the prophetic forerunner, John the Baptist (Elijah, if you will, revisited). What was that purpose according this seminal and foundational proclamation? That this Jesus was the “Lamb of God “and He was here to “…

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Sense in Suffering – Perspective in the ‘Happiness’ Paradigm? 

“And He began to teach them that it was inevitable that the Son of Man should go through much suffering and be utterly repudiated by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. He told them all this quite bluntly. This made Peter draw him on one side and take him to task about what he had said. But Jesus turned and faced his disciples and rebuked Peter. “Out of my way, Satan!” he said. “Peter, you are not looking at things from God’s point of view, but from

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A New Year Prayer of Petition (St Bonaventura)  

We, therefore, pray to the most-kind Father through you, his only-begotten Son, who for us became man, was crucified and glorified, that he send us out of his treasures the Spirit of sevenfold grace who rested upon you in all fullness: 

The Spirit, I say, of Wisdom, that we may taste the life-giving flavours of the fruit of the tree of life, which you truly are; 

The gift also of Understanding, by which the intentions of our mind are illumined; 

The gift of Counsel, by which we may follow in your…

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The Gospel of The Kingdom, for the Empires of this World!  


“Obedience is walking the Christ Road. The walk of faith is not just internal. If it has no impact on the pain of the world it’s not faith.” 

Charles Ringma (Cry Freedom) 

“Peace is the tranquillity of order – Joy is the happy expression of that order.”                                                                                                                                                             Augustine 

"Human love has little regard for truth. It makes the truth relative, since nothing,

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A Counter - Culture Statement for the Church Today? Mit brennender sorge 

“With burning concern and mounting consternation, we have been observing for some time now the Cross carried by the church in Germany [or insert your nation/state here] and the increasingly difficult situation of those men and women who have kept the faith… 

Anyone who still has within him the slightest feeling for truth…will have to admit that in these difficult and eventful years which have followed the Concordat, every one of our words have been regulated by loyalty to the agreement…He will, however…

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The Interventionist God – But Why Not Now?  

I received a very distressing phone call last year from a young mother in an emotional free-fall over a disturbing news story of a missing girl. The context for her quite literal existential crisis was our 6th Covid lockdown, a young mother of three and a prolonged reading of Old Testament Minor prophets and the many records therein of God’s seeming austerity, or worse – barbarity – with the ‘innocents’. 

Punishments to her that seemed more like malicious and spite-filled torments. The God of Love that she…

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‘Rights’ to Abort a Child – Why is Roe V Wade Now Finally Getting the Scrutiny it has Always Warranted?  

It is difficult not to notice the well-crafted outrage being magnificently choreographed by the clearly biased media on the recent leaked documents from the S.C.O.T.U.S, re the potential overturning of the Roe Vs Wade precedent that has been wielded by pro-abortion groups for decades as a new ‘human right’. (Not the first group to pull this incongruent cultural card, but not unsurprising for this reignited debate) 

Medical News Today® were quick to bring comment on this latest hiccup to the so-called…

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Warfare Jesus Way - The Weapons are Not Carnal, But are Mighty for... 

The theme and issue of ‘spiritual warfare’ is a staple subject of conversations in the vast and varied prayer and intercessory networks, and understandably so, because it is believed to be their field of expertise. 

However, these themes and the ensuing conversations spill over into (and engaged by) the wider Christian community when that community is disquieted – usually prompted by a disturbing socio-political issue or event that bumps into their culture. None more so than when the erosion of Christian…

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Cancel Culture and Christianity – Where do You Fit?  

Everyone has preferences, tastes, leanings and even biases of various kinds and the reasons for that are many indeed. Everything from belief systems right down to the most trivial experience. These are elements that contribute to ‘culture’, both individual and collective. 

Cancel Culture happens when many of these more consequential elements of these subjective spheres are believed to be considerably more than just the ‘F’ words of culture – fad, flavour, fashion or formula.  When we become entrenched as…

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