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Sacrificing Truth and Even Fact, on the Altar of Idenitity

Manufactured & Faux Narratives in Academia: Enlightened Progress or Simply Metaphysical Masturbation?

Academic Hoaxers - Blatant Fabrication

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Who are the real Thugs in our Culture?

I will fight for 'free speech' as long as it validates the carefully manipulated and manufactured consensus! In fact I will defend to the death the 'free' speech that contributes to the manufacturing of that specious consensus which is little more than a market shaped and aggressive minority influenced 'group think'.

I continue to be fascinated by the deafening public silence of average 'Joe' (and for the P.C captives 'Josephines') in regard to the inconsistencies of the relativist and P.C positions. As you will see in the You Tube excerpt below, nobody and we do mean NOBODY in the real world lives out the P.C.  foundational tenet that one culture is no worse than any other. The so called 'academics' that spew forth the toxic propaganda that all our problems are the result of white, heterosexual male Christian influence don't believe a word of it, as every day that chose and prefer that which has been created by the very culture they decry.

In a remarkable, if not brazen work 'The Victory of Reason' by Professor Rodney Stark we see a landmark modern sociological investigation into the origin and success of the First World West. The following excerpt is from the conclusion of this work...

"Christianity created Western Civilisation. Had the followers of Jesus remained an obscure Jewish sect, most of you would not have learned to read and the rest of you would be reading from hand copied scrolls. Without theology committed to reason, progress and moral equality, today the entire world would be about where non-European societies were in, say, 1800: A world with many astrologers and alchemists but no scientists. A world of despots, lacking universities, banks, factories, eyeglasses, chimneys and piano. A world where most infants do not live to the age of five and many women die in childbirth – a world truly in the ‘dark ages.’ The modern world arose only in Christian societies. Not in Islam. Not in Asia. Not in a ‘secular’ society – there having been none. And all the modernisation that has since occurred outside Christendom was imported from the West, often brought by colonizers and missionaries. Even so, many apostles of modernisation assume that, given the existing Western example, similar progress can be achieved today not only without Christianity but even without freedom or capitalism – that globalisation will fully spread scientific, technical and commercial knowledge without any need to re-create the social or cultural conditions that first produced it.”

However, will we not only acknowledge this reality, but take it into account? The answer, at least on the surface of the P.C dominated 'public landscape' is NO! Yet, in private conversations across homes, pubs, sporting clubs and communities such dominance has no sway. People became reasonably adept at playing the 'social game', but in reality hold no such credibility for PC. "Tolerance" for polite talk is seemingly high, but tacit disapproval is growing. However, without clear frameworks in which to think, a worldview that is holistic, sustainable and collectively held, people have difficulty articulating the sense of disapproval of what is clearly  unworkable, yet still so well promoted in the 'market place.' Once people begin to think rationally and reasonably, abandon Theo-phobic tendencies and move away from egoist individualism, they will inevitably discover there is a worldview that stands alone.... but will we discover this liberty? In the following excerpt from 'Disappointed with Liberalism" Clive Hamilton gives us reasons why this discovery may be slower than it should be...


“In an era of television catatonia and retail therapy, will free citizens chose to ‘imagine, think and reason in a “truly human” way’ or are they conditioned or predisposed to pursue a stream of pleasurable episodes and never fulfill their capabilities and thus their potential as humans?...Modern consumer capitalism encourages anodyne conformity and one-dimensionality, and an intolerance of those who wish to break out of the expressions of individuality manufactured by the market…..The absence of inner freedom…is the dominant characteristic of modern consumer capitalism, a social system that cultivates behaviour driven by momentary impulse, temporary emotions and moral and intellectual weakness. The very purpose of the marketing society is to make us the slaves of our passions.”
Shane W. Varcoe - Disciplesplanet
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