‘Civilizing Hell’? - Kingdom Mission in Chaos Culture


‘Civilizing Hell’?  - Kingdom Mission in Chaos Culture

From where I’m standing, there seems two emerging ‘bookends’ that are more prominently manifesting (eschatologically speaking) in the body of Christ in this season. These let’s call them missional stands are happening…

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Temptation and the ‘Law’ of Grace?

Enter – The Frame 

We open here just after a freshly unveiled Messiah is announced for the first time in the public square.

After approximately 30 years of living as ‘one of us’, Jesus the Christ is not only proclaimed…

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A New Year Prayer of Petition (St Bonaventura) 

We, therefore, pray to the most-kind Father through you, his only-begotten Son, who for us became man, was crucified and glorified, that he send us out of his treasures the Spirit of sevenfold grace who rested upon you in all…

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The Interventionist God – But Why Not Now? 

I received a very distressing phone call last year from a young mother in an emotional free-fall over a disturbing news story of a missing girl. The context for her quite literal existential crisis was our 6th Covid lockdown, a…

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Cancel Culture and Christianity – Where do You Fit? 

Everyone has preferences, tastes, leanings and even biases of various kinds and the reasons for that are many indeed. Everything from belief systems right down to the most trivial experience. These are elements that contribute to ‘culture’, both individual and…

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Surrender – A Christ-ian Model 

“Happy are they who give themselves to God! They are delivered from their passions, from the judgements of other, from their malice, form the tyranny of their sayings, from their cold and wretched mocking, from the misfortunes which the world

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