When They Came For....

When they came for the Alt-right mouth breather I did nothing but smile gleefully as such sub-humans do not deserve to even breath the same air as the rest of us. 

When they came for the Fundamentalist naïve realist Christ followers, I did nothing, as they really are socially unpalatable and culturally inept to a cringe-worthy degree. 

When they came for the Conservatives, I did nothing, because they are irrelevant and in the way of progress. 

When they came for the Pentecostals, I did nothing, as their views and practices are weird, tediously emotive and lack psycho-social robustness. 

When they came for the Evangelicals, I did nothing because they are so one-dimensional and lack ‘real-world’ social justice savvy. 

When they came for the Mainstream Church attender, I did nothing because this unnecessary cultural tradition serves only to maintain dogmatic and socially unpopular stereotypes. 

Of course, they never came for me, because I’m the ‘Christian’ that the world permits, as I have utterly affirmed their cultural agenda to usher in their self-righteous and foolishness free society. 

“When they came for…” Pastor MARTIN NIEMÖLLER 

“What sorrow awaits you who are praised by the crowds, for their ancestors also praised false prophets.” Jesus Christ (Luke 6 : 26) 

Shane W. Varcoe (Written February 2019)