You Cannot Follow Jesus Until You Take Up Your Cross!

You cannot take up the Cross, until you have denied yourself!....................Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:24)


When They Came For....

When they came for the Alt-right mouth breather I did nothing but smile gleefully as such sub-humans do not deserve to even breath the same air as the rest of us. 

When they came for the Fundamentalist naïve realist


The Rationale for Revenge?

In his small, but potent book, The Problem of Pain, Clive Lewis looks at the visceral notion of revenge, the following is one excerpt, 

“Revenge loses sight of the end in the means, but it's end is not wholly


Who Says We Are Undeserving?

Grace – undeserved favour – through the lens of ‘stigma cancelling culture’.                                                             

“Stigma and Shame are bad – toxic man! We must erase them from our culture, right?  Like, you know, no one should be made to feel bad


I am a 'Pro-servative!'

In the now more vulgarly apparent ‘cultural dichotomy’ that has aggressively burgeoned in the past 5 years (and accelerated in past 5 months) over the so called ‘Progressive’ and so called ‘Conservative’ positions, I found myself pondering where I may…


Whose Side is God On?

It is always fascinating to watch claims, and counter claims to ‘righteousness and justice’ in the marketplace. If the ‘divine’ is invoked, it invariably is about affirming the ‘god’ of our choosing throwing ‘its’ lot in with our clearly worthy…


When HE Returns!

The iron hand it ain't no match for the iron rod 
The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty God 
For all those who have eyes and all those who have ears 
It is only He who can…


Pandemic in a Post-Truth Culture

Which 'stories' are being told and by whom? If we buy the false declaration that Truth is either no longer in play, or non-existent then by what measure do we determine best-practice or best way forward? 

Such faux narratives…